Over the past 18 months, we have created quite a movement springing up from Northern Alberta  communities.  Various northern Alberta cities, towns, counties and municipalities, small business owners, community associations,  community service organizations, and select provincial Ministries, agencies, and program operations are becoming involved and supporting our HistoryCheck project – All of them will be benefiting in many ways, from Albertans and visitors to Alberta, using our History Check app that will be available for both Android & Apple IOS devices. As well as being accessible via one’s home computer through your web browser.

All of these local governments, organizations and business are supporting our HistoryCheck “Self-Guided Tour of Historical Places, Sites & Events” as a FHNAS project, and we hope you will too!

Your small donation helps put us that much closer to our funding goals, and we appreciate every dollar donated to bring our History Check project online.

You can follow this link below to make your donation today! Thank you for your interest and support!

Support Our HistoryCheck Project Promoting Northern Alberta Historical Education & Awareness - Donate on Go Fund Me


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