The POI or Point of Interest Functions & Benefits

POI is our abbreviation for Point of Interest. A Historical Point of Interest is referred to as a HPOI. Both follow a common template, providing specific information to provide optimum information to the History Check app user

Top & Bottom Tabs

On the top and along the bottom there are 3 tabs each. These are static throughout the app, other than through search menus. For some functions locations services need to be on.

Content (Starting from below top tabs)

Title / Business / Place Name -This area allows for both a Title and a Sub-Title so that Admin can include the name of the POI/HPOI and additional information that a user may be helpful to the user. Example:

Boreal Centre for Bird Conservation

26 km from Slave Lake

GPS Coordinates GPS Coordinates for each site will be displayed so that other devices or the vehicle GPS may be utilized. This may be helpful in saving data as well as in areas with limited cell phone coverage.

Photos 3 photographs, can be uploaded for each POI/HPOI. When selected, a new screen opens where the users can choose the larger view from any of the three thumbnails, with photo credits listed below.

Blue Arrow to Left Mid Screen This opens a slide out menu where the user can share the POI/HPOI on social media channels; add a selfie or a comment; or submit a Point of Interest not included on History Check. (Selfies & Comments are available by scrolling down past the screen shown in the example.)

Description Area The description area is a set space on the POI/HPOI. We can entice the user with the initial paragraph(s) and by selecting Read More a new, scrollable screen will open where they can read a larger narrative.

HPOI or Historical Points of Interestcover a broad range of places. They may identify a museum, archives, heritage building or artifact. However, they may be placed at sites where there is no visible evidence of the story being told.

These anecdotes will be based on researched facts, and family accounts of history. The For More Info link, as described below, will provide references, of HPOI information.

POI or all other Points ofInterestwill contain basic information about that site. A brief description of services, hours of operation and contact info can be given.

Advertising / Sponsorship Bottom Left

On an HPOIthis will be used for advertising or sponsorship space. For more information on Business Ads,Click Hereand SponsorshipsClick Here

For all other POIthe logo of that business or service will be added to this area, along with a link to their website. This allows FHNAS to be a guide to existing websites.

For More Information Link

By selecting this link the user will be taken to a new screen. The Advertiser / Sponsor information is again displayed at the top of the screen.

On a HPOI the user is given references of the information given in the HPOI. If the reference is from an online source the link will be provided. If it is from a source that is not online a link will go to a page on where we will have an alphabetical listing of our sources.

On a POIwe will use this space to provide links to the social media feeds or any articles that have been written about the listed business or service.


Each visit to ALL POI is counted.

Once a user has spent predetermined amount of time visiting a POI or HPOI they are registered as visiting that location.

  • This enables our collaborating businesses and organizations to access data on what is attracting the most visits in their area.
  • All organizations collaboration with FHNASs @HistoryCheckApp, can access to historical metadata period reporting.
  • This helps organization make better decisions related to economic development opportunities and improvements at ground level sites, as well as websites for the best ROI.
  • Metadata capture helps FHNAS strategically place advertisements helping organization attain best ROI for advertising and sponsorships.

HPOI & POI Searchable Key Words:

Each HPOI or POI record has identifying keywords. These are used in the App Users search function as shown in #3, and allows app user to search for specific types of service they may be seeking to visit or access in their travels of Northern Alberta.

Meta Data Capabilities

FHNAS recognizes the importance of information. There is no other app currently offering geographic specific, Travel and Tourism, activities related reporting. Through our @HistoryCheckAppour supporters will be able to better target their advertising & marketing campaigns by; proximity, geographic region, historical interest, traveler activities, interaction, and interests.

In release of version 1.0 of @HistoryCheckAppcoming in Summer 2017, we have started with limited meta data set reporting, as report extrapolation will not be automated . In version 2.0 we will work towards expanding meta data automation, inclusive of supporter customized live reporting. This may include date by range, and many other neat bells & whistles that help those who support the History Check App.

Our financial supporters are critical to this project, and we are committed to working towards developing the tools that allow them to see return of investment through meta data reporting. Yes! Weve got some amazing features planned for verison 2.0.

Your participation as a Alberta business, organization, or service provider is tied to the success of the History Check App (Link to Facebook Page)project.

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