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We want you to share your Alberta Drone video experiences. Contribute to offeringa new perspective with the world on familiar heritage resources in your own community. Living in the community, you know the background on these resources, better than most, pick the best way to showcase your historical sites, buildings, events, and people.

Using drones provide an insightful low-level aerial platform for recording historic buildings, monuments, archaeological sites and landscapes. Whether you are using an economic training model drone, or the high-end, very expensive, feature loaded drone – your video of historical resources is something we would like to showcase.

When sharing your drone video with the world, we give full name credit to you as the source of the video – every time we reference or use your video. Your historical resources video is shared with our followers on social networks, and could possibly be featured within our History Check App

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Alberta Drone Video Historical Places Events History

Drones can carry a wide variety of sensors including cameras, (multi)hyperspectral imaging units, and even laser scanners (LiDAR). Drones can provide dramatic illustrative photographs of sites, but can also be used to create metrically accurate records for survey and conservation work . However, care needs to be taken to ensure drones are used in a way that is safe to both people and the historic fabric being recorded.

Although drone is the term most commonly used by the media and recognised by the public, other acronyms are these days used when referring to such low-level aerial platforms including:

  • UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (often referred to by academic researchers)
  • UAS – Unmanned Aircraft System (referred to within Civil Aviation Authority – CAA regulations)
  • SUA – Small Unmanned Aircraft, (the acronym currently preferred by CAA-UK, TSA & Historic England)
  • RPAS – Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (now promoted across Europe within context of their civil use in the EU).

Of course, FHNAS promotes and encourages safe & legal drone operation at all times. If you are not famliar with current laws around drone operations, we encourage you to spend some time reviewing the following links.

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