Good Day Everyone!

FHNAS is a flurry of activity getting ready for beta-testing of History Check.  This is a real grass roots efforts through this not-for-profit organization that will be 2 years old in March of 2015.

In addition to Sheila Willis, our Executive Director (also known as Doc Dynamo and the Energizer Bunny) We are currently relying on volunteer efforts until funds can be raised to contract out the multitude of tasks that need to be done to present the First Ever, all inclusive view of Alberta’s history, tourism attractions, and the services needed in the conveniently remote portion of the province.

We encourage everyone visiting our website to like our Facebook Group you will be kept up to date with all new FHNAS developments!

Current Goals & Tasks Include:

  • Involve Northern Alberta students, K-12, in the creation of “INGON” (c),, a mascot for the region which can be photo shopped experiencing the many activities or visiting the many sites available.  The “INGON” (c) catch phrase will be “Get Your INGON in Northern Alberta” (c) and variations of that theme.
  • Enter the approximately 3000 Points of Interest in our Collaborating Municipalities, First Nations and Metis Settlement for the launch of History Check.
  • Organize the “History Check Challenge 150” and the event to kick it off on May 5-7.
  • Create and produce the advertising and marketing materials and posts for the History Check Launch and summer 2017 advertising to ensure its success.
  • Continue to foster relationships to ensure a Collaborative Effort that FHNAS was founded on is successful.  These relationships include historians, municipalities, First Nations, Metis Settlements, Historical Groups, Economic Development and & Tourism groups, Government and other interested parties are included.

Since the concept of the Society and History Check were developed we have overcome these milestones.

  • Society Incorporation & Board creation March 2015.
  • Develop the concept of History Check into a workable format to be presented to website and app development teams for bid.
  • Raided funds to pay for an begin History Check programming and development.  Expected public launch in time for the Summer 2017 Season – Canada 150.
  •  Collaborating Municipalities Include:  Saddle Hills County, County of Grande Prairie No. 1, Mackenzie County, Smoky Lake Region, MD of Lesser Slave River, Town of Slave Lake, Sawridge First Nation, MD of Opportunity
  • We have gained cooperation and support through REDI, Kalyna Country, Edmonton & District Historical Society (Thank you for your financial contribution!), Staff at the Provincial Archives or Alberta, the Alberta Railway Museum, Westlock & District Pioneer Museum, Athabasca Archives,   EC Bar Ranch, High Prairie, Grand Rapids Wilderness Tours, St. Paul Museum, Athabasca Heritage Society, Boreal Centre for Bird Conservation to name a few.
  • We were supported financially through Travel Alberta.  Support from other GoA organizations include Historical Society of Alberta, members of the Genealogical Society of Alberta, Archeological Society of Alberta, AB Culture & Tourism, Alberta Historical Resources Foundation, and AB Parks.

This is the short list of our accomplishments, which we are very proud of.  For a society that is less than 2 years old we have come a very long ways on primarily volunteer labor.  We hope you will join us on this grass roots journey as we bring the history of northern Alberta to life and help the economic diversity grow through the communities of northern Alberta.

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