History Check is Exceeding its Goals & Strengthening Northern Alberta Communities.

Site by Site; Story by Story; Listing by Listing

Since our launch in October, we have been spreading the word across northern Alberta about this historical, educational & economic development tool created for the region. Our goal was to have 500 downloads by the end of April. WE HAVE REACHED 525 as of this morning, April 12th.

Our marketing has been directed to northern Alberta,  so its surprising and exciting to find that we have had site visits to our download page www.historycheck.ca from 29 COUNTRIES. I can assure you that was not expected – yet.

Our team of volunteers is working diligently to present community histories, attractions and services throughout each community in the northern portion of Alberta on the History Check Heritage & Travel Companion Mobile APP.  We want each community to look like the example shown.

Sending in your information speeds the process along.  We strongly encourage you to do so.  Up to 3 images, a write up and links can be sent to info@fhnas.ca or  you can submit the information via our online form.

A Truly Remarkable Project in Volunteer & Cooperative Efforts

This mobile project is truly remarkable.  It has been made possible through the dedication and commitment of a handful of volunteers and multiple collaborators..  In addition to the number of downloads, and the interest generated across the globe, this dedicated team launched the app in less than a 1000 days with 300+ communities recognized.  At launch we had a little less than 1000 sites published.  We have increased that to almost 1500 with another 600 files in progress.  Our long term goal is 10,000.

Community Minded Businesses Fund the History Check Project

For Less Than $1 a Day

Now that the foundations have been laid, we are calling on the businesses in the north to carry the project forward.  For less than a $1 a day you can become an advertising sponsor.  You are funding source for this project both short term and to establish long term self-sustainability.

Your ROI comes not only in the ability of users to find your site listing  through interest driven searches, but in giving us the funding required to add the history and attractions of your community which there is no charge for.   Each visitor will be spending money and adding to strong economics though tourism.  Find out more about advertising sponsorships here.

We will be having a celebration when we hit 1,000 downloads.  By the looks of things – we better start thinking about that!  Any suggestions of offers of assistance would be appreciated.

Sheila Willis ~  780-805-1390  ~ sheila.willis@fhnas.ca

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