Are you a road tripper?  A back road explorer?  An admirer of the unique, the useful & under viewed?

We  could use your help!  There are thousands of sites across northern Alberta that make one wonder about the why, the when, and the how.  We are trying to answer those questions via the History Check mobile app for Northern Alberta.

It is pretty easy.  If you are at a place that you find interesting – or would like to know more about – shoot us a text to 780-805-1390 with a photo, your GPS location (by finding coordinates or sharing your location) and any info or question you have about the place.

It might be something we can add to the History Check app and either include information about the site or ask for it.  It is amazing how much information pops up when you ask the question!

This not only satisfies your curiosity but lets others discover the sites and places of the northern half of Alberta.

Other options are to send us an email to or by using the blue slide out arrow on the History Check app and submitting a Point of Interest.

What are we looking for?  Anything that catches your interest – whether it be an old building, a cemetery or church right down to an antique store, or a great place to eat.  We are especially looking for those interesting places off the beaten path.

Cheers! Sheila Willis

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