History Check Circle of Giving to Communities

Giving to Northern Alberta Communities is a major factor of the History Check mobile app project.  When FHNAS started this project as a way to preserve and promote our heritage it quickly became apparent that there was more opportunity to serve northern Alberta as a whole.

Our Executive Director did some part time work in the visitor information centre in Slave Lake and encountered may out of region guests who decided their routes through the north based on the services they could access – fuel was a primary need.

The thought processes going into History Check is – if we can provide people with information on where to access these services, we could also include other attractions – and take it a step further and give information on the many recreational opportunities and annual events.  Not only could we support the businesses in our communities but the non-profits and other organizations as well – all through the simple format of adding a “Point of Interest”

If the information is provided on a business, and annual event or any other site, it takes 15 minutes or less to add as a Point of Interest.  Researching that same site and adding incomplete information, as we don’t have permissions for images or a full knowledge of the services or attraction can take a half hour or more.

While History Check is moving forward with content at what often time feels like a snails pace to those people working diligently to add content we can fast track this to a marathon run with your help.

First of all donations and sponsorships are being accepted BUT if you are a business then please advertise.  As the chart below shows  advertising and donations create the ability for FHNAS to hire full time staff dedicated to various aspects of the project – all of which then create a circle that benefits continues to add to community growth.

History Check is unique in its approach to supporting local communities, small business, non-profits and other organizations.

  • Every business that provides a product or service to the travelling public lists for free – advertising through interest driven searches and branding is optional – and at low costs.
  • Every non-profit organization can add a Point of Interest that includes their scheduled fundraising events AND be included in search functions at no charge.
  • Annual Events can be added to the event calendar on this page at no charge.
  • We offer an affiliate program for non-profits with a heritage mandate that forward 25% of solicited advertisements back to their society on an annual basis giving them much needed funding to continue to preserve our heritage.
  • As History Check grows and brings tourism dollars into our northern Alberta communities every resident benefits from this economic growth.

We encourage you to donate or advertise to complete the Circle of Giving that the History Check project is based on.  If you can see the vision for what History Check can provide in the long term we encourage you to advertise or donate.  This is a project that will continue the Circle of Giving for years to come!

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To donate to this project you can send a cheque or money order to FHNAS PO Box 118 – Smith, AB T0G 2B0

Send an EMT to info@fhnas.ca using the password Donation or  through PayPay

Help us fast track this project to be ready for Spring 2018.


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