The Power of A Word’s Search-Ability

The technology of today changes the face of travel and road trips into northern Alberta and it’s all about the power of a word – or phrase – and the ability to Search It.  Of course there is also Community Menus & Near Me features – but those are another story.

I remember my Mom, map in hand, giving directions to my Dad to find the Golden Arches or the motel of choice for the evening.  For lunch the entire family peered out the window looking for the next rest stop when the bellies were growling and a picnic lunch was at hand.   Now people can use the heritage & travel companion app, exclusive to northern Alberta to find just about anything.

A rock in your windshield on the weekend? Search “after hours windshield repair”.

Hot & cranky kids ?  Search “splash park” or “ice-cream.”

Want to do a museum tour?  Search “museums.”

Have a flavour in mind for supper?  Search “pizza”, “Chinese Food”, “Seafood” or any other choice.

I think you get the picture!

Our volunteers have over 2000+ sites identified and 1400+ online for you to find.  We are hoping for at least 3,000 ready for you by June 2018.  If you are interested in travelling or a road trip you can stop reading and  download History Check here.

Remember each time you use History Check there will be something new somewhere!

If you are a business or organization in northern Alberta that opens its doors to the public, keep reading. We want to get you listed on History Check so all those who stopped and downloaded the mobile app can find you.

All site listings are free.  To be included we will need up to 3 images, a business description aimed at letting app users know more about you, and your contact details and links to website pages and social media feeds.   Use this online form to send us your information or email the same information to

Addition to search functions is free to other nonprofits.  If you are a business the cost to be included on our search functions is $350 a year.  You choose up to 20 business relevant keywords to bring customers to your door.  Also include your logo so we can use it to replace the “Click Here for Website” box.

While you are asking yourself as a business owner what your Return on Investment is, please consider this.

  • There has never been an all inclusive mobile app for the entire region north of the Edmonton International Airport, let alone one that is searchable, shows “Community Menus” and uses “Near Me” features.
  • Northern Alberta accounts for only 7% of Alberta’s total tourism revenue, the ease of travel and exploration into what is considered a remote area will increase the odds of community guests coming and spending some money in our rural communities.
  • Every dollar spent by a community guest cycles through the community 3 to 7 times.   In example, an out of region guest fills up and buys snacks at a local service station.  The owner of that business then pays his employee who might use those funds to buy groceries, go out for dinner or get auto repairs done at another local business.  And the cycle continues.
  • FHNAS is a nonprofit organization.  Your advertising dollars go towards adding other local attractions, historical sites and more.  You are not just buying and ad you are supporting your local community.

We have a lot of keyword searches on History Check now.  Many of the businesses featured have been added for user availability.  If you are the first business to advertise using a business specific keyword, all non-paid keywords in your area will be removed.

To become a community supporter through addition to search function you can fill out this online form or email us at  Together we can show the rest of the world what northern Alberta really has to offer.

Sheila Willis – Executive Director FHNAS 780-805-1390

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