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Sheila Willis – History Check App Radio Interview with CBC Edmonton AM – April 3, 2017

CBC Edmonton AM - Audio April 3, 2017 Season 2017, Episode 300285451 04:55 Also Read... Related News Article ... (Resulting from Interview with CBC Edmonton AM - April 3, 2017) AUDIO FILE - Listen to the CBC Edmonton AM Radio Interview with Sheila Willis regarding History Check App:  

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CTV Edmonton Interviews About History Check App

Fall 2016, FHNAS Executive Director, Sheila Willis, was interviewed by Dez Melenka - On Your Street - CTV Edmonton regarding Friends of Historical Northern Alberta's (FHNAS Facebook Page) History Check app and website services! Check out the video clip below!                

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Donate To Our “History Check” Project

Over the past 18 months, we have created quite a movement springing up from Northern Alberta  communities.  Various northern Alberta cities, towns, counties and municipalities, small business owners, community associations,  community service organizations, and select provincial Ministries, agencies, and program operations are becoming involved and supporting our HistoryCheck project - All of them will be [...]

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