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Crossing the Tracks of Time

Crossing the Tracks of Time As I sit in my house, especially in the cold winter months, I can hear the train whistle blow at the Soda Flats Crossing about a half mile from my house. Sometimes it gets me to thinking about how that train is crossing the tracks of time. So [...]

A Toddler on Steroids

Happy 3rd Birthday to the History Check Concept! A toddler on steroids is a good description of the History Check mobile app.  Wow!  It seems like yesterday that the meeting where the idea and concept took place. That group included Athabasca Archives , Athabasca Heritage Society, Edmonton & District Historical Society, Smith Community Development Council , Athabasca County [...]

History Check Mobile App Goes Live in Less than 1000 Days!

With little fanfare, no media coverage & tremendous support, what promises to be northern Alberta's biggest Heritage & Tourism project soft launched at the Prince of Wales Armouries & Heritage Centre on September 24th, 2017. "History is not always accessible to all Albertans" and "History Check ... is going to make it easier for everyday [...]

Discover & Explore Northern Alberta with Help of New History Check App – Windspeaker

"Northern Alberta isnt just this vast, vacant landscape. Theres a lot in the north, and its beautiful." by Staff Click Here to Read Article

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History Check App Puts Gems of Albertas Past At Your Fingertips – Global Edmonton News

History Check App Puts Gems of Albertas Past At Your Fingertips Interview with Global Edmonton News - April 4, 2017 byBy Emily Mertz,Web Producer ,Global News This was on air for 5pm and 6pm news hour on April 4, 2017 on three provincial news channels: Global TV News - Edmonton and Global TV News - [...]

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New phone app aims to turn travellers on to northern Alberta – Article by CBC News Edmonton

'We're going through a couple centuries' of stories here, plus Indigenous stories as well' CLICK TO READ ARTICLE Above Article Resulting From Sheila Willis' Radio Interview with CBC Edmonton AM - April 3, 2017 ALSO... Listen to the CBC Edmonton AM RadioInterview with Sheila Willis regarding History Check App Audio April 3, 2017 Season 2017, [...]

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