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About Us

The idea for our society and the History Check mobile app came about on January 12, 2015 when a group of people from various regions came together to talk about ways to share both the history and other sites of interest of northern Alberta with the public.  In such a large region, we were looking for a way to easily share information in the northern half of the province with residents and guests alike.

It was that day that the Friends of Historical Northern Alberta Society (FHNAS) was formed in the spirit of collaboration and cooperation.  Our Mission: To Preserve and Promote the History of Northern Alberta.

Our first task was to create the History Check mobile app, which is searchable for the people, eras, events and places of Alberta’s history and other attractions, products and services.

The content for History Check will continue to grow as FHNAS and its many collaborating partners add content from their local regions.  To give you an idea of this cooperation, at our launches we presented an Appreciate Scroll that was 35 feet or 11 meters long.

We welcome all input into History Check and thank those who have supported us and the project along the way!  To The Future!

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