The use of Drones (UAVs Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) in reviewing historical places, structures, and locations can offer a very unique perspective that, for many location, has never been witnessed before. FHNAS would like to encourage Albertans that own a Drone (UAV) to take the time to create video for historical resources in their local communities.

Alberta Heritage Drone Club

Visit our Heritage Drone Club page for more details on using drones at Heritage sites, and if you have an aerial video of a historical location you would like to promote your region.

Submit Your Drone Video

If you have drone aerial video clips you wish to share – Please visit our Submit Drone Video” page and complete our authorizations and permissions form that will allow us to share your video with our membership, History Check App users, and website visitors.

Spruce Point Park Alberta - Aerial Photo - Summer 2015
Photo Credit:Spruce Point Park – Summer 2015

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