We are currently working on updating the fhnas.ca website to reflect our launch.  There are a lot of pages that need to be changed to reflect an active app versus on in the process on being built.  Thank you for your patience as we do this.

Advertising options are also being upgraded.  Essentially, addition to the search functions (Menu -> Search and Our Sponsors) as well as Point of Interest branding is part of the $350 annual advertising package.  There is also an Add On feature for branding the Point of Interest Icon with business logo for $150.

You can download History Check here  The mobile app was launched with 330 communities and regions, and over 1000 Points of Interest.  We are adding more daily and expect to have more than 10,000.  Thank you for your continued support as we continue to develop the content.  If you have any questions you can call Sheila Willis at 780.805.1390 or email sheila.willis@fhnas.ca

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