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New Home In The West – Ukrainian Pioneers / Immigrants in Canada – 1943

New Home In The West – Ukrainian Pioneers / Immigrants in Canada – 1943 – Vegerville, Alberta

This early film is about the Ukrainian Pioneer immigrants of central Canada. It begins by showing recreations of early pioneer life dominated by hand tools–including farming techniques, building techniques (notably the plastering using clay and straw on houses), and the hand-milling of grain.

It then goes on to show the contemporary situation of these immigrants, emphasizing that their farms were now as modern as any other. It balances a message about their being assimilated with a depiction of folklore, dancing and singing at a large Ukrainian festival (possibly in Vegerville, Alberta) and religious traditions.

In 1943, when the movie was released, Canada was in the throws of World War II, so efforts are made to show that the descendants of these immigrants were loyal and serving their Canadian homeland, with pictures of soldiers in uniform.

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