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Alberta Nonprofit Resources Collaboration
Economic Development Initiative
Municipalities, Counties, Towns & Villages

History Check App - Alberta Historical Points of Interest

Working with Municipalities, Counties, Towns & Villages

A Collaborating Municipality is a governing body that has contributed financially, or through other pre-approved means, to the History Check project. For simplicity sake, we often put the behind this to encompass municipalities, towns, cities, villages, First Nations and Metis Settlements.

No disrespect to the other forms of governing organizations is intended. We are simply trying to reduce the words, as much or our literature and promotion currently includes all of the governing bodies as we try to inform all them of the History Check Project.

Eventually, as the project progresses, we will be able to be more specific in our literature.


While we recommend contribution of $5,000 or more, we also understand that each Municipal District, County, Town, Village, City, First Nation and Metis Settlement many not afford that amount. Plus organizational budgets, regional population, and membership size, are also contributing factors in deciding participation levels.

We ask that each Municipality be as generous as they can in their contribution. We are willing to discuss any offer that enables the municipality become an active participant in the History Check project. These initial rounds of funding enable us to do the necessary work to launch and get History Check online while starting basic promotion campaigns of northern Alberta .

This seed money or initial round funding is a one time ask that will enable us to do the necessary work to launch and get History Check online while starting basic promotion campaigns of Northern Alberta. There may be other promotional campaigns, events that we ask for support for in the future.

Benefits of Participating in Municipality Collaboration:

  • Showcase Various Municipal Points of Interests on Interactive “Near Me” Proximity Map
    • Municipal Services
    • Municipal Parks
    • Recreation Facilities & Complex
    • Seasonal Activities Programs
    • Inbound Travel & Tourism Related Points of Interest
  • Enticeand Increase Regional Visitors & Tourism Traffic to Visit and Interact Through History Check App’s “Proximity Alerts” of Submitted Regional Historical Points of Interest.
  • Local Economic Development Collaboration ThroughPromotion & Popularizing Northern Alberta Heritage & History Points of Interests, As An Underdeveloped Sector of Alberta Tourism Industry.
  • Gain Valuable Insight Into Patterns & Statistics of Short & Long Haul Visitor Travel & Tourism Activities and Interactions Related to Regional Community Services.
  • Opportunity for Stakeholder Input into Future Revisions of our History Check App developments.

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