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History Check App - Alberta Historical Points of Interest

Collaborating with Municipalities, Counties, Towns & Villages

History Check, offers multiple benefits to the residents of your communities.  As Council or Administration to a Municipality, County, Village, Town or City, we ask that you support this unique grassroots initiative though cross marketing and financial contributions.  One the surface it is a Heritage & Tourism app but lets look at the subtle ways if was designed to be of benefit to Municipal Districts and Residents.

  • Free Location Listing (aka Point of Interest) – It gives businesses & nonprofit organizations a tool to list their information  to a global market free of charge. The Point of Interest includes photos, links, and contact information.
    • Nonprofits get the full benefit of the In-App-Ad package at no charge.  This includes the organization’s information as above, and adds their annual and regularly scheduled events to the Interest Driven Search Functions.
    • Businesses are asked to participate in Advertising Sponsorships or In-App-Advertising for the annual rate of $350.  The cost is kept low to allow the small businesses that provide products and services to travellers to afford this unique advertising feature.
  • To Engage, Educate & Encourage Exploration is the focus of the History Check mobile app.  Points of Interest are listed in 5 Categories; History and Museums, Other Points of Interest, Parks, Camping & Lodging, Recreation & Things to Do and Travel Services.  The sites can be found through the Community Category Menu, Near Me location services or through one of 2 search functions.  With over 330 communities and regions listed, we have already begun to add sites in your area.  Encouraging tourism encourages economic development.  Travel Alberta suggests that each dollar spent by a guest, cycles through the community 3 times, before leaving.  This creates a trickle down effect that benefits all businesses and in turn residents.
  • Meta-Data – Future versions will include metadata that will be shared with our Collaborating Municipalities and Organizations.  The building blocks to finding out how many guests visited which sites and where they are from are already built into Version 1.  We will be streamlining that process in future versions and encourage feedback on what you would most like to see.

Non-Financial Contributions

Whether you have contributed financially to the project we ask that you help us create awareness of this project – which it turn ensures its success.

Adding this image along with the URL link to will create awareness and encourage both app usage and submissions of Points of Interest in your regions.  Adding History Check information to newsletters, utility bills, digital signage, and other forms of cross marketing are all encouraged.

Financial Contributions

To date this project has been funded through the municipalities and organizations listed below.  From concept to launch took less than 1000 days, with a handful of dedicated people, on a limited budget.  Once you download History Check and look at its versatility in finding information about northern Alberta, you will recognize our commitment to this project and the areas we serve.

The contribution your municipality makes will go towards adding additional content, marketing to a global audience and the many other tasks needed to ensure the success of this project.  Contributions can be made as advertising or other budget items.  Invoices will be supplied.

The general amount contributed to date is $5,000 for a municipality, and going as low as $500 for a Village or Town.  Whatever is affordable to your municipality shows a collaborative effort to bring additional tourism to northern Alberta.  Currently we receive about 5 to 7% of Alberta’s total tourism revenue of $8.3 Billion dollars.  (Travel Alberta Statistics)

If you would like a presentation or have additional questions, please contact Sheila Willis at 780-805-1390 or

History Check is a free download available for Apple and Android Devices.  To download go to or visit the App Store or Google Play.

Major Sponsors – Municipalities and Organizations

(Contributions prior to Launch are recognized on the History Check app through the use of a Gold Star on Primary Icons)

Alberta Heritage Resources Foundation (AHRF)

Edmonton & District Historical Society

County of Grande Prairie

Town of High Prairie

MD of Lesser Slave River

Mackenzie County

MD of Opportunity

Saddles Hills County

Town of Sexsmith

Slave Lake Region Tri-Council

  • Town of Slave Lake
  • Sawridge First Nation
  • MD of Lesser Slave River

Smoky Lake Economic Development

  • Smoky Lake County
  • Town of Smoky Lake
  • Village of Waskatenau
  • Village of Vilna

Travel Alberta (Future Website portion of History Check)

Town of Wembley

Saddle Hills County

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