Targeted Marketing

Using  Search Driven Keywords

Position Your Business for Marketing Advantage – Advertise on History Check

History Check is an all inclusive travel companion app.  Its current service area is northern Alberta, with expansion to southern Alberta coming soon.

Utilizing keywords in targeted marketing,  enables app users to find the products and services you provide, driving business to your door.

Marketing to a World Wide Audience

Impact Tourism is positioning History Check to market to a world wide audience as a free download.  The app is currently in beta and content – and download numbers are steadily rising.  You can position your business to take advantage of this marketing advantage by selecting your keywords, for optimum exposure.

Whats the Cost?  How Does it Work?  Whats Involved?

$350 Annually or Less than a $1 a Day

Interest Driven Searches are Displayed 3 Different Ways

for History Check App Users to Find Your Business

  • Finding your business listing is easy on the list or map display of the Menu Search feature.  Selecting your Point of Interest Icon opens your business listing giving the app users photos, business description contact information and links.
  • The direct contact screen, where app users can visit your website or dial your number is found through “Our Sponsors” search feature.

List Display for Search

Your business name and choice of subtitle are displayed.  Selection opens your Point of Interest.

Map Display for Search

App users are able to select your business by geographical location.  Selection opens your Point of Interest.

“Our Sponsors” search displays your location, your name (which links to URL of your choice), and phone number which can be dialled from this screen.

Add Your Logo as an Added Bonus

Branding, or addition of your logo replaces the following image.  Comparing images allows you to see the benefits.

Through the example shown, you can see that addition of your logo makes an attractive package for your business.

Targeted Marketing Pricing – Less than $1 a Day!

Addition of keywords is $350 a year, making it affordable for large and small businesses.  Alberta wide launch is June 21-23, 2019.

To offer you the best return on investment, we will extend the 1st annual renewal date for all paid advertisers registered before June 15, 2019 to September 15, 2020.  This allows you a full summer season as we go viral.

(History Check App is in management transition to be managed by Impact Tourism. This is part of a self sustainability initiative for the app.  The new management is reviewing the number of words or phrases included above, with a minimum of 10.  Thank you for your patience during these transitions.)

Questions? Please call Sheila at (780) 805-1390

Impact Tourism – 
346 Center Street Kinuso, AB, T0G1K0


Or, contact us using Impact Tourism Contact Form

(We are transitioning from FHNAS to Impact Tourism.  Thank you for your patience as we update our forms.)

Set Up Your Advertising Package Now!

Please complete the form below, including your links and any graphic files.

Once you have completed the attached form you may submit your payment through one of the following methods.  While we will prepare your Point of Interest and display it on History Check, search functions and branding will be initiated once payment is received.  Payment receipt date will be your annual renewal date.  Once your form is received we will issue an invoice for advertising services.

Billing is annual.


  1. EMT (Electronic Money Transfer) to Impact Tourism Management 
    • If you are sending an EMT, please put the name of your business in the description, and use the word Target as your EMT password.)
  2. Cheque or money order via Canada Post, to address below.


during the transition to Impact Tourism


(we are currently revising our forms – thank you for your patience)

in-App Advertising


during the transition to Impact Tourism

-App Advertising WITH Custom Map Icon Branding, due Annually

(We are currently revising our forms – thank you for your patience)

in-App Advertising $350 + Custom Icon $150

In-App Advertising

  • How would you like your Business or Organization's name to appear on your site listing or Point of Interest in the History Check app?
  • We accept graphic images in JPG, GIF, PNG, or TIFF format
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, gif, pdf, tiff.
  • What website or Facebook page would you like to use? This will be attached to the Logo Image in your Point of Interest. If you do not have a website or Facebook Page, please enter in "", WHEN entering in your website address, please be sure to start with HTTP://
  • What text description would you like included in your Point of Interest? A description of services, hours of operation and other information can be added. Phone numbers can be dialed and links can be accessed from within the screen. All description content is subject to Impact Tourism Administration approval.
  • Please listing the individual that should be contacted in your business or organization to discuss and renew your advertising participation in future years.
  • Please enter in the URL of the Facebook Page, starting with HTTP:// for your business or organization services.
  • Please enter in the URL of your Twitter account for your business or organization services. Please enter in the full Twitter website address, starting with HTTP://
  • Please enter in the URL of your business or organization on Linked-In. Please enter in the full Linked-In website address, starting with HTTP://
  • Advertiser's Information Verification Processes
    We will be in contact with your organization when we are completing our verification and review processes for your Advertising Package. Our verification process may take a week or more.
  • Terms & Conditions of Advertising:
    In submitting this Advertiser Application online, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
    • That you have authority and are authorized to represent the business or organization making this Advertiser's application.
    • That you understand that advertising is annually renewed based upon the dates provided above, and that you will be contacted to renew your advertising prior to the expiry date.
    • That you understand that, if your point of interest advertising application was created through one of our partnering Affiliate Organizations, either Impact Tourism or our affiliate organization will be in contact with you regarding your advertising application.
  • If another organization referred you to be an Advertiser, please be sure to choose their organization in the drop down list or that of your Sales Representative.
  • In submitting this form, you acknowledge and confirm you are authorized to give permission to Impact Tourism to process your advertising application for placement. Additionally, you are giving permission to Impact Tourism to make contact at any point in the future, by the information provided above; to confirm, validate, or update the information provided and Impact Tourism related services.
  • Questions? Please call Sheila at (780) 805-1390

    Impact Tourism
    346 Center Street, Kinuso AB T0G 1K0
    Phone: (780) 805-1390

    Or, contact us using our Online Contact Form
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