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History Check App -Frequently Asked Questions

The History Check is a website, IOS & Android App that will show Everything Needed to Explore Northern Alberta.

The map coverage will start at the Edmonton International Airport, and extend northward to include all municipalities north of or including the Yellowhead Highway.

Primary Icons will give you a quick look at various regions that include communities, Provincial Parks and other area that have multiple sites and services.  You will be able to select a Primary Icon and it will tell you how many sites are available in 5 categories:

  • History & Museums (includes historical stories and places from all eras of history)
  • Other Points of Interest (from Alberta Big Icons to Bird Observatories to antique stores)
  • Recreation (from skate parks to ski hills to golf courses to trails)
  • Camping & Lodging (from Provincial Parks, to Bed & Breakfasts to lodging in smaller communities)
  • Travellers Service (from fuel along the route, to general stores and anything needed to explore the area)

By choosing any of the options, or all, you will be taken to a ground level view and color coded icons.  Touch any of these to learn the history of that place, or learn about the business or service offered.  You can also scroll down to see selfies taken at that site or to add your comments.  There will also be social media interaction.   This is the basis concept.  As we move through programming and development we will keep you updated with mock ups and additional features.

Point of Interest Example

We are collecting data now in a temporary database to be uploaded into the History Check Database, once the programming and development is completed.

Once the History Check database is online, you as a contributor, will be assigned a log in name and password.  You can then submit your stories and historical Points of Interest.

While we wait, there are several options.

  1. We are accepting Excel files, of bulk data that we are then uploading into our temporary database.  We have received Excel files from Tourism Organizations, Heritage Societies and municipalities
  2. For single stories and sites of interest we are accepting either an email, but prefer that you select from the History Check App tab, “Submit Point of Interest”.
  3. Collaborating Municipalities are welcome to submit their Heritage Surveys, in either an Excel Format or the hard copy, which we will scan and return.

If you would like to submit, please contact Sheila Willis at 780-805-1390 or email

To obtain seed money for the History Check project, FHNAS has, and continues to, approach all of the governing organizations north of, or including the Yellowhead Highway.  These include Municipalities, Towns, Cities, Villages, First Nations, and Metis Settlements.

We are asking for a suggested donation of $5,000 from each of the organizations with the stipulation that we are willing to work within their budgets to accommodate their size, and financial status.

We are also asking for donations through our  Go Fund Me Campaign or those wishing to support our efforts can mail a check to FHNAS PO Box 118, Smith, AB T0G 2B0.  The third option for donation is to send an Email Money Transfer to supplying the security question and password in a separate email.

Friends of Historical Northern Alberta Society is a registered not-for-profit society registered in the province of Alberta.  As such we continue to apply for grants through various government agencies.

Long Term Funding will come through our Sponsorship Programs.  You can read more about those here.

A Collaborating Municipality is a governing body that has contributed financially or through other pre-approved means to the History Check project.  For simplicities sake, we often put the behind this to encompass municipalities, towns, cities, villages, First Nations and Metis Settlements.

No disrespect to the other forms of governing organizations is intended.  We are simply trying to reduce the words, as much or our literature and promotion currently includes all of the governing bodies as we try to inform all them of the History Check Project.

Eventually, as the project progresses, we will be able to be more specific in our literature.


While we recommend contribution of $5,000 or more, we also understand that each Municipal District, County, Town, Village, City, First Nation and Metis Settlement many not afford that amount.  Plus organizational budgets, regional population, and membership size, are also contributing factors in deciding participation levels.

We ask that each Municipality be as generous as they can in their contribution. We are willing to discuss any offer that enables the municipality become an active participant in the History Check project.  These initial rounds of funding enable us to do the necessary work to launch and get History Check online while starting basic promotion campaigns of northern Alberta .

This seed money or initial round funding is a one time ask that will enable us to do the necessary work to launch and get History Check online while starting basic promotion campaigns of Northern Alberta.  There may be other promotional campaigns, events that we ask for support for in the future.

Due to the immense amount of data that needs to be entered to make History Check Everything Needed to Explore Northern Alberta we need to prioritize.

All Municipalities, Towns, Villages and Cities (1) will have their Museums, Interpretive Centers and Visitor Information Centers listed for launch or shortly thereafter.  We will also include submitted Points of Interest and ensure that there is a site to accompany any Historical Point of Interest Sponsorships in that area.

Our Collaborating Municipalities, or those municipalities who have contributed financially deserve to see the first ROI or Return on Investment.  They will be our primary focus in seeking out, researching and writing the stories for the Historical Points of Interest.  In addition we will be actively contacting those offering services that are of value to to guests and residents of their communities.  These will include:

  • Historical Buildings or Displays (Churches, Schools, Stores, Grain Elevators, Railway Cars, Vehicles, etc.)
  • Historical Signs, Markers & Monuments
  • Cemeteries & Grave Sites
  • Alberta Big or Unique Icons
  • Provincial, Municipal & Privately Owned Parks, Campgrounds & RV Parks
  • Hotels, Motels, Bed & Breakfasts, Air N B, and other lodging in Small Communities
  • Golf Courses, Guided Tours & Other Recreational Opportunities
  • Current Use & Historical Trails (Walking, Hiking, ATV, Biking, Snowshoeing etc.)
  • Rental Facilities of Recreational Equipment (Boats, ATVs, Kayaks, Canoes, Skis, Snowshoes etc.)
  • Local Specialty Shops, Art Galleries, Gift Shops, Antique Stores & Dining in small communities
  • Skate Parks, Water Parks, Rinks, Recreational Facilities and & Community Complexes
  • Boat launches and docks
  • Nature Walks & Observatories
  • Farm tours, green houses and sites to buy local produce
  • Theatre locations
  • Gas stations in small communities and remote areas.
  • Annual Event, Theatres, and similar Locations (Link to events page on
  • Any business or service in your area that supplies a service to traveller’s
  • Any other items we may have missed

We will also begin to focus our social media posts, and future advertising to primarily focus on these Collaborating Municipalities.

(1) (I have intentionally left out First Nations & Metis Settlements.

The goal of Friends of Historical Northern Alberta Society (FHNAS) is to incorporate all areas of history and to encourage tourism as a means of promoting economic development.  History Check can be a tool to assist with this.

We are asking for participation from all governing organizations, but we also recognize that First Nations and Metis Settlements are different from municipalities, towns, village and cities.

A unique feature of History Check is the ability for others to submit Historical Points of Interest.  Once submitted, a FHNAS representative will work with the contributor to ensure that the information is correct, factual and presented in an informative and engaging manner.  This enables First Nations and Metis Settlements to be involved in the telling of their history, from their perspective.

In order to respect Indigenous and Metis Culture and privacy FHNAS:

  • Will seek collaboration and partnership with First Nations and Metis Settlements in Northern Alberta
  • Will to follow protocol in this request as a sign of respect and friendship.
  • Will NOT place any Points of Interest on History Check except what is already publicly available with respect to reserve location(s) proper and any affiliated businesses that also have their location information publicly available.
  • Will seek involvement and input from Band Council or approved representative to ensure that all historical information meets with the approval of Band Council.

As with municipalities we are requesting a financial contribution based on the availability of funds.

We are working towards documenting our references for our historical information and stories. This is a list of books that we have used, that do not have a regular link to send you to.

Concise Place Names of Alberta

Edited by Merrily K. Aubrey ISBN 1-55238-210-9

(Alphabetically listed so no page numbers given)

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