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Northern Alberta
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List on HistoryCheck Heritage & Travel App!

History Check was launched in October 2017.  We will being our marketing campaign to a regional, provincial and global market the first quarter of 2018, but launching early allows a preview for all the businesses and organizations in northern Alberta to see this tool to engage, education and encourage exploration of the attractions in northern Alberta.

Each Point of Interest includes up to 3 images, links to guide users to your information, and an information screen where businesses can describe their products and services, and non-profits can tell people about their cause, and regularly scheduled and annual events.

History Check also includes “Search” functions.  While this is available free to non-profits, we encourage businesses to take advantage of this In-App-Ads for the $350 annually.  Its not just advertising it is supporting your community and this initiative allowing us to ad other sites such as splash parks, heritage sites, picnic area, and other attractions.

We encourage you to list for FREE by using the following form. Each site added adds content to History Check and ensures this success of this collaborative, community initiative.

The screen shot to the left gives an example of a Point of Interest.

  • Selecting the photo opens a gallery of up to 3 images (JPEG)
  • The Read More opens the information screen that can include phone numbers, emails and primary link
  • The For More Information opens a page of links to share your social media links so App Users follow you.

Currently  we are accepting listing for the area surrounding the Edmonton International Airport and northwards to all borders.  We are working towards a province wide initiative at a further date.

There is no charge for this service, but encourage businesses to add themselves to the search functions through In-App Adverting.   Click Here for More Info

Services Submission

  • Name or title of your business or organization offering services
  • Please enter the name of the municipality, First Nation, or Metis Settlement your services are located in.
  • What is the closest service centre to where your business or organization is located?
  • Please add the GPS coordinates of your services location. The more accurate you are, the better it is for you. If you have problems entering in your GPS coordinates information here, please be sure to include it within your Services Description. This form accepts GPS coordinates in following format. N 55.000000 W -114.111111
  • Please use the FILE UPLOAD to attach separate page if necessary. We accept uploads in jpg, gif, png, pdf, doc, docx, or txt format only. We are limited to approximately 1500 words (roughly 7500 characters) space for services description.
  • Use only if required, only upload services description information, to a maximum of two (2) files.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, doc, docx, txt.
    • Please enter in the address of your website for your business or organization services. Please be sure to enter in your website address starting with HTTP://
    • Please enter in the URL of the Facebook Page for your business or organization services. Please be sure to enter in your Facebook Page address starting with HTTP://
    • Please enter in the URL of your Twitter account for your business or organization services. Please be sure to enter the full Twitter website address for your account, starting with HTTP://
    • Please enter in the URL for one additional social network, such as Google+, Instagram, Reddit, etc. Please be sure to enter in your website address starting with HTTP://
    • Please complete the Contact Information related to the above service organization location</strong
    • Please enter in the Ccontact Name of the individual you wish to list for contact realted to your services. This individual will also be responsible for verifying and maintaining this organization or business services submission
    • Please enter in the street address and/or mailing information for contacting this business or organization.
    • We will be in contact with your organization when we are completing our verification and entry processes for your services submission to our services database. Due to the overwhelming amount of Points of Interest to input, this may take several weeks or more.
    • In submitting the information on this form, you acknowledge you are authorized to give permission to FHNAS to place the related services location information on the FHNAS website and app and browser services. Additionally, giving permission to FHNAS to contact me at any point in the future, by the information provided above; to confirm, validate, or update the information provided and FHNAS related services.
    • Questions? Please call Sheila at (780) 805-1390

      Friends of Historical Northern Alberta Society (FHNAS)
      PO Box 118, Smith, AB, Canada T0G2B0
      Phone: (780) 805-1390

      Or, contact us using our FHNAS Online Contact Form

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