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Senior Consultant from Kodiak Studio responsible for the development and deployment of the FHNAS website and History Check App Project.

Alberta Storytellers – Preserve Community History – Historical Stories

Alberta History Storytellers - Every family photo has a story attached to it. We encourage you to share your story, preserve your family heritage - share your story with@HistoryCheckApp. Our project relies on Albertans, like yourself, taking the time to share - your participation is important. Take the time to tell your heritage story [...]

Alberta Photographers Promotes Heritage & Tourism via FNHAS Photo Club

Alberta Photographs! At FHNAS we LOVE Alberta photographs & Photographers! We love new photographs of landscape, monuments, historical buildings, historical locations, towns, attractions, you name it - if it's about northern Alberta - we would love the opportunity to showcase your work - photos from past or present! Collaborating with photographers that are shooting in [...]

Discover & Explore Northern Alberta with Help of New History Check App – Windspeaker

"Northern Alberta isnt just this vast, vacant landscape. Theres a lot in the north, and its beautiful." by Staff Click Here to Read Article

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History Check App Puts Gems of Albertas Past At Your Fingertips – Global Edmonton News

History Check App Puts Gems of Albertas Past At Your Fingertips Interview with Global Edmonton News - April 4, 2017 byBy Emily Mertz,Web Producer ,Global News This was on air for 5pm and 6pm news hour on April 4, 2017 on three provincial news channels: Global TV News - Edmonton and Global TV News - [...]

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New phone app aims to turn travellers on to northern Alberta – Article by CBC News Edmonton

'We're going through a couple centuries' of stories here, plus Indigenous stories as well' CLICK TO READ ARTICLE Above Article Resulting From Sheila Willis' Radio Interview with CBC Edmonton AM - April 3, 2017 ALSO... Listen to the CBC Edmonton AM RadioInterview with Sheila Willis regarding History Check App Audio April 3, 2017 Season 2017, [...]

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Sheila Willis – History Check App Radio Interview with CBC Edmonton AM – April 3, 2017

CBC Edmonton AM - Audio April 3, 2017 Season 2017, Episode 300285451 04:55 Also Read... Related News Article ... (Resulting from Interview with CBC Edmonton AM - April 3, 2017) AUDIO FILE - Listen to the CBC Edmonton AM Radio Interview with Sheila Willis regarding History Check App:  

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Alberta Drone Owners Encourage to Shoot Video of Historical Sites

The use of Drones (UAVs Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) in reviewing historical places, structures, and locations can offer a very unique perspective that, for many location, has never been witnessed before. FHNAS would like to encourage Albertans that own a Drone (UAV) to take the time to create video for historical resources in their local communities. [...]

CTV Edmonton Interviews About History Check App

Fall 2016, FHNAS Executive Director, Sheila Willis, was interviewed by Dez Melenka - On Your Street - CTV Edmonton regarding Friends of Historical Northern Alberta's (FHNAS Facebook Page) History Check app and website services! Check out the video clip below!                

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We Appreciate Your Patience During Site Development

The FHNAS website, as you can see is "live". Please be patient as we work towards making it a user friendly and informative site. Each day we are closer! Forms is a great place to start for information on: Submit a Historical Point of Interest - look for Submit HPOI. Add your Northern Alberta Travel [...]

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Get A Northern Alberta Listing For Free!

Showcase Your Business, Community Service or Attraction by Signing Up at No Charge! History Check will give potential visitors an inclusive view of Northern Alberta and increase historical awareness through tourism. History Check: Everything Needed to Explore Northern Alberta is an IOS & ANDROID app, as well as a website that is literally - Everything [...]

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