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In-App Advertising
Sponsors History Check App Operations

Advertise on History Check App by FHNAS

Get Ready For It! Targeted Advertising By Customers’ Interests! 

You, as a business owner, can take advantage of one of the most unique advertising opportunities in recent history. History Check is a one of a kind Travel Companion & History App made specifically to attract tourists into Northern Alberta to explore our history and other assets.

This unique app is available in both Apple & Android, and is expected to launch in summer 2017 and we are offering launch pricing until August 31, 2017.

Lock into the pricing below by purchasing your ad space before this date. FHNAS & History Check is in an unusual position.

There is no comparable app to give you suggested usage – all we can tell you is that we have more people registered to be notified of downloads than we do advertisers.

If you would like your business added to the search functions (see images below) for the first users to find as they look for businesses & services, we are preparing the data for the imminent launch. Get your ad now so you don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Alberta Advertising Rate Card for History Check App
Alberta Advertising Rate Card for History Check App

Ad Space Pricing:

 See above brochure image for package details and pricing.

Please complete the form below, including your links and any graphic files.


  1. EMT (Electronic Money Transfer)to our email address o f(If you are sending an EMT, please put the name of your organization or business in the description, and use the word “Sponsor” as your EMT password.)
  2. Cheque or money order viaCanada Post, our address below.
  3. Submit payment by Paypal, sending Paypal payment to:
  • Please note: EMT Transfers are the best option as they do not charge a % and FHNAS receives the full value of your transfer. An invoice for advertising expense will be sent, with payment method and date included.


STANDARD Advertisement


PREMIUM Advertisement

Questions? Please call Sheila at (780) 805-1390

Friends of Historical Northern Alberta Society (FHNAS)
PO Box 118, Smith, AB, Canada T0G2B0
Phone: (780) 805-1390

Or, contact us using our FHNAS Online Contact Form

In-App Advertising

  • How would you like your Business or Organization's name to appear on the Historical Point of Interest in HistoryCheck app, and also on our Advertisers page within our FHNAS website?
  • We accept HPOI Sponsor graphic images in JPG, GIF, PNG, or TIFF format
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, gif, pdf, tiff.
  • What website or Facebook page would you like to use, linked to the Advertiser's Name text or graphic image. If you do not have a website or Facebook Page, please enter in "", and we will create a page hosting your advertiser's information. WHEN entering in your website address, please be sure to start with HTTP://
  • What text description would you like added in our Advertisers' Page within the website describing your advertisement link? This can be information about your business or organization, a description of your reasons for advertising or sponsoring in someone else's name (an example would be, in memory of a loved one), or other information. Standard Advertisers include up to 500 characters. Premium Advertisers up to 1000 characters. All description content is subject to FNHAS Administration approval.
    Historical Points of Interest Advertisement packages are annual, expiring on September 30th of each calendar year. Updates to advertisement pricing structures, if changing, will change prior to September 30th each year. Please complete the Contact Information below related to the above Advertiser's application.
  • Please listing the individual that should be contacted in your business or organization to discuss and renew your advertising participation in future years.
  • Please enter in the street address and/or mailing information for contacting this business or organization.
  • Please enter in the URL of the Facebook Page, starting with HTTP:// for your business or organization services.
  • Please enter in the URL of your Twitter account for your business or organization services. Please enter in the full Twitter website address, starting with HTTP://
  • Please enter in the URL of your business or organization on Linked-In. Please enter in the full Linked-In website address, starting with HTTP://
  • Advertiser's Information Verification Processes
    We will be in contact with your organization when we are completing our verification and review processes for your Advertiser's Application submission. Due to the overwhelming interest in Historical Point of Interest Advertising, our verification process may take a week or more.
  • Terms & Conditions of Advertising:
    In submitting this Advertiser Application online, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
    • That you have authority and are authorized to represent the business or organization making this Advertiser's application.
    • That you understand that advertising is annually renewed based upon the dates provided above, and that you will be contacted to renew your advertising prior to the expiry date.
    • That you understand that the price for the Early Bird Advertising Package are subject to change in the renewal year.
    • You understand that FHNAS will select potential Historical Point of Interest for your Advertisement placement, and that you will be able to choose from the points of interest provided by FHNAS, on a first come, first advertised basis, falling within the date ranges indicated above.
    • That you understand that, if your point of interest advertising application was created through one of our partnering Affiliate Organizations, either FHNAS or our affiliate organization will be in contact with you regarding your advertising application.
  • If another organization referred you to be a Historical Points of Interest Sponsor, please be sure to choose their organization in the drop down list.
  • In submitting this form, you acknowledge and confirm you are authorized to give permission to FHNAS to process your advertising application for placement on the FHNAS website and app and browser services. Additionally, giving permission to FHNAS to contact me at any point in the future, by the information provided above; to confirm, validate, or update the information provided and FHNAS related services.
  • Questions? Please call Sheila at (780) 805-1390

    Friends of Historical Northern Alberta Society (FHNAS)
    PO Box 118, Smith, AB, Canada T0G2B0
    Phone: (780) 805-1390

    Or, contact us using our FHNAS Online Contact Form

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