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Partnering in Fundraising 

History Check is an Alberta focused mobile app.  It can be used as a travel companion for self guided tours, a community guide, an education tool in heritage awareness and a historical research tool.  Each of these applications will improve as the content grows through submissions by groups, organizations, municipalities, and individuals.

Your nonprofit organization may be eligible to receive up to 25% of all paid advertising fees through our Affiliate Marketing Program.

History Check App is in transition to be managed by Impact Tourism. This is part of a self sustainability initiative for the app.  Thank you for your patience during these transitions.

If you have any questions, or would like more information on the Affiliate Marketing Program, please email

Thank you, Sheila Willis, Impact Tourism.

There are currently 2 ways to advertise on History Check.  

  • Businesses can take advantage of Targeted Marketing through keyword searches on History Check.  (Reg. $350 per year) Click Here For More Info
  • Any person, group or business can sponsor a historical points of interest. ($100, $50 & $25 options) Click Here For More Info

When advertisers indicate that you are their Affiliate Marketing Partner you will receive 25% of their paid fee.  The fees are annual so this could be of benefit to your organization for years to come!

 To become an Affiliate Marketing Partner simply fill out the below form.

Once approved, you can begin telling your local businesses and other contacts about the advertising and sponsorship programs and the History Check App.   Feel free to ask them to contact us, and we can answer any questions that they might have, or send them to the links provided above.   Please ask them to indicate that they were referred by your organization.

For more information please contact Sheila Willis at 780-805-1390 or via email at

(This program is available to nonprofit organizations only)

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