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Partnering in Fundraising for Northern Alberta Historical Organizations!

The Friends of Historical Northern Alberta or FHNAS was formed to support other northern Alberta Historical Societies and Museums by bringing attention and visitation to their sites, as well as to the the local stories of Alberta’s history. In the original meeting, held by stakeholders in northern Alberta’s historical places, the concept of FHNAS was to be a supporting and networking group.

As we continued on the journey of the creation of History Check we saw the opportunity to incorporate a fundraising partnership as well and the Affiliate Marketing Program (AMP) was born.

Our mainstay of funding History Check will be the sponsorships of Historical Points of Interest. (Read More about that Program Here.)

The Affiliate Marketing Program or AMP, is open to any northern Alberta not for profit group with a historical mandate, or that has been approved by the FHNAS board. There is no charge to become an Affiliate. When sponsors indicate that you are their preferred Affiliate you will receive 25% of their paid sponsorship.


To become an Affiliate simply fill out the below form. Once you are part of the AMP Program:

  • We will add you to the drop down list on the Historical Point of Interest Sponsorship form.
  • We will be encouraging a “Double Down” sponsorship where individuals, who do not wish to sponsor in their name can choose from this list and support History Check & their preferred historical organization through one donation.
  • Increase your fundraising potential by letting your local businesses and community know about the sponsorship opportunity. Be sure to remind them to choose your group from the drop down list..

Remember – these are annual sponsorships so the revenue can carry forward for years to come.

(This program is available to other not-for-profit organizations with a historical mandate, or those approved through the FHNAS Board)

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