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Submit Historical Point of Interests for Alberta

We are looking for Historical Points of Interest (HPOI)
Submit your Suggestions For Our HistoryCheck App!

If you know of a site or a story that should be on History Check, please let us know.  

History Check  is a mobile app that shares the rich and diverse sites and stories of Alberta’s history as well as attractions and services.  The number is overwhelming.  Help us capture the information by sharing your knowledge of sites.

Submit HPOI for ODEF

  • Enter in 5 words or so (approx) as to what you like your Historical Point of Interest TITLE to appear as a map marker in our HistoryCheck app - Title Limited to 32 Characters
  • Please enter the name of the municipality, (city, town, suburb, community, village, hamlet, county, municipal district), or First Nations, or Metis Settlement this Historical POI is located within.
  • What is the closest service centre to where your business or organization is located?
  • Please add the GPS coordinates for the submitted HPO's location (the more accurate, the better). If you have problems entering in your GPS coordinates information here, please be sure to include it within your HPOI Description. This form accepts GPS coordinates in following format. N 55.000000 W -114.111111
  • We accept HPOI graphic images in JPG, GIF, PNG, or TIFF format
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, gif, pdf, tiff.
    • Many Historical Points of Interests may already have detailed information shared at at another location on the Internet. If you know of a location where there is more information on this Point of Interest, please share it here. WHEN entering in your website address, please be sure to start with HTTP://
    • Enter in a text description would you like added to the Historical Point of Interest within the HistoryCheck App & website. Include up to 1500 characters. All description content is subject to FNHAS Administration approval.
    • Some Historical Points of Interests already have Facebook pages and groups established. If you know of one for the submitted HPOI, please enter in the URL address of that page or group. Please be sure to enter the full website address for your account, starting with HTTP://
    • Some Historical Points of Interests have Twitter accounts established. If you know of one for the submitted HPOI, please enter in the URL address of that page or group. Please be sure to enter the full website address for your account, starting with HTTP://
      Historical Points of Interest submissions need to be verified. Please complete the Submitter's Contact Information below related to the above HPOI submission.
    • Please listing the individual that should be contacted about this HPOI and it's verification process.
    • Please enter in the street address and/or mailing information for contacting this HPOI's submitter.
    • Please enter in the URL address of submitter's Facebook Profile, starting with HTTP:// for your business or organization services.
    • Please enter in the URL of your personal Twitter account. Please enter in the full Twitter website address, starting with HTTP://
    • Please enter in the Linked-In URL for the Submitter of this HPOI. Please enter in the full Linked-In website address, starting with HTTP://
    • Historical Point of Interest Verification Processes
      We will be in contact with the HPOI submitter when we are completing our verification and review processes for your Sponsorship Application submission. Due to the overwhelming interest in Historical Point of Interest submissions, our HPOI verification process may take a week or more.
    • Terms & Conditions of Sponsorship:
      In submitting this Historical Point of Interest through our online form, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
      • That you have authority and are authorized to submit this Historical Point of Interest for consideration of addition to the HistoryCheck app.
      • That you understand that HPOI Submitters are reviewed from time to time, and that you will be contacted to during the HPOI confirmation process. ul>
      • In submitting this form, you acknowledge and confirm you are authorized to give permission to FHNAS to process your sponsorship application for placement on the FHNAS website and app and browser services. Additionally, giving permission to FHNAS to contact me at any point in the future, by the information provided above; to confirm, validate, or update the information provided and FHNAS related services.
      • Questions? Please call Sheila at (780) 805-1390

        Friends of Historical Northern Alberta Society (FHNAS)
        PO Box 118, Smith, AB, Canada T0G2B0
        Phone: (780) 805-1390

        Or, contact us using our FHNAS Online Contact Form

    Please Note:  We are transitioning management of the History Check mobile app from FHNAS to Impact Tourism.  We appreciate your patience as we convert forms and content to reflect this transition.  If you have questions please email Sheila Willis at 

    Across the province, and beyond, the stories of Alberta’s history reside in local knowledge, as roadside attractions and in museums and heritage societies.  We offer the ability to share your knowledge with others, as we create a searchable map to engage people in the people, events, eras and places that made Alberta.

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