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Kodiak Studio - Multimedia, Software Apps & Information Technologies Consulting AgencyKodiak Studio is a Multimedia, Software Apps & Information Technologies Consulting Agency specializing in comprehensive one-on-one client consultation specific to achieving client’s desired outcomes, related to project design, function, deployment, and administration of interactive online services.

Kodiak Studio offers contract-based services for development of custom smartphone (Android / IOS) applications, online stores, maps, social networks, and websites. Striving to surpass client envisioned expectations in concepts of function, meta data analysis, user interface, and overall aesthetics from simple rough sketch concepts shared by our clients.

You have an envisioned concept, we can make it happen!

Kodiak Studio - Alberta Multimedia, Software Apps & Information Technologies Consulting Agency

Senior Consultant, Scott Astle, has worked within the information technologies industry since 1995. Mr. Astle coordinates a team of designers, developers, coders, software engineers, multimedia specialists, and graphic artists to complete uniquely complex client project deployment.

Scott has been directly involved in the ‘concept to creation’ of FHNAS website services and features, along with being Lead Technical on the development & deployment of History Check App project that is approaching launch in the near future.

If you have questions related to the development and deployment of FHNAS projects that Kodiak Studio was contracted to deliver; Please use the form below for prompt contact. Otherwise,  feel free to visit Kodiak Studio website for more information on the contract services they offer.

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