Fort Vermilion is unique. For generations, the Dene (Beaver and Slavey) and Woodland Cree First Nations have gathered here.

Beginning in 1788, Boyer’s Post, the first in a series of fur trading posts along the Peace River was established nearby. Since 1830, the site current has been continuously inhabited. Horticultural crops were grown as early as 1792. Outstanding crops continue to be produced.

History of the people and places in Alberta’s vast northern wilderness is now being preserved and portrayed at the Lean-To Museum and Archives at the Community and Cultural Complex in Fort Vermilion.

Travel accommodation, tourist assistance and visitor information are available June-August at the Visitor Log House.

Visit the Fort Vermilion Heritage Website here:

Museum & Archives
Fort Vermilion Heritage Centre
Box 1
Fort Vermilion, Alberta
T0H 1N0

Phone: 780-927-4603
Fax: 780-927-4604


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