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Alberta History & Heritage Historical Resources Books

Many reference points for the History Check app have come from books that are not available online, therefore we can’t provide a link.  While some are no  longer in circulation, you may be able to find them at your local library or archives.

We appreciate your patience as we compile this alphabetical listing of reference books.  As we find sources of where the book might be purchased we will include the information.

A Candle in the Grub Box A Struggle for Survival in the Northern Wilderness

Author: The story Frank Jackson as told to Sheila Douglass, Publisher: Shires Books; First Edition 1977, ISBN-10: 0919213685, ISBN-13: 978-0919213685

Buffalo Days & Nights – Peter Erasmus – Thank you for your patience as we add the remaining information.

Echoes Along the Athabasca River – A history of Chisholm, Fawcett Lake, Forest View, Hondo, Lawrence Lake, Moose Portage, Moose River, Otter Creek, Ranch, Smith, Smokey Creek.  Copyright Smith Half Century Plus Historical Book Committee

ISBN 0-88925-443-5, First Printing: 1984, Printed and bound in Canada by Friesen Printers – A Division of D. W. Friesen & Sons Ltd.

Into the Promised Land – Thank you for your patience as we add this information

Land of Twelve Foot Davis – Thank you for your patience as we add this information.

Paddle Wheels to Bucket Wheels – MacGregor (I apologize.  My copy does not contain any other information)

Nurses Book by Cyr

North With Peace River Jim

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