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Many of the stories that have been told have been one-sided, and there’s information there that’s never been portrayed from an Aboriginal stand-point” .

Sheila Willis – Executive Director, FHNAS
interview on CFWE Radio with Jeremy Hall April 5th 2017

The goal of the Friends of Historical Northern Alberta Society (FHNAS) is to incorporate all areas of history and to encourage tourism as a means of promoting economic development. History Check can be a tool to assist with this.

We are asking for participation from all governing organizations, but we also recognize that First Nations and Metis Settlements are different from municipalities, towns, village and cities.

A unique feature of History Check is the ability for others to submit Historical Points of Interest. Once submitted, a FHNAS representative will work with the contributor to ensure that the information is correct, factual and presented in an informative and engaging manner. This enables First Nations and Metis Settlements to be involved in the telling of their history, from their perspective.

In order to respect Indigenous and Metis Culture and privacy FHNAS:

  • Will seek collaboration and partnership with First Nations and Metis Settlements in Northern Alberta

  • Will to follow protocol in this request as a sign of respect and friendship.

  • Will NOT place any Points of Interest on History Check except what is already publicly available with respect to reserve location(s) proper and any affiliated businesses that also have their location information publicly available.

  • Will seek involvement and input from Band Council or approved representative to ensure that all historical information meets with the approval of Band Council.

Financial contributions considerations will be discussed with interested organizations.

Indigenous First Nation Metis Historical Heritage Places & Stories - History Check App

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