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We Appreciate Your Patience During Site Development

The FHNAS website, as you can see is "live". Please be patient as we work towards making it a user friendly and informative site. Each day we are closer! Forms is a great place to start for information on: Submit a Historical Point of Interest - look for Submit HPOI. Add your Northern Alberta Travel [...]

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Get A Northern Alberta Listing For Free!

Showcase Your Business, Community Service or Attraction by Signing Up at No Charge! History Check will give potential visitors an inclusive view of Northern Alberta and increase historical awareness through tourism. History Check: Everything Needed to Explore Northern Alberta is an IOS & ANDROID app, as well as a website that is literally - Everything [...]

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Donate To Our “History Check” Project

Over the past 18 months, we have created quite a movement springing up from Northern Alberta  communities.  Various northern Alberta cities, towns, counties and municipalities, small business owners, community associations,  community service organizations, and select provincial Ministries, agencies, and program operations are becoming involved and supporting our HistoryCheck project - All of them will be [...]

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Behind The Scenes – – Alpha Testing

Good Day Everyone! FHNAS is a flurry of activity getting ready for beta-testing of History Check.  This is a real grass roots efforts through this not-for-profit organization that will be 2 years old in March of 2015. In addition to Sheila Willis, our Executive Director (also known as Doc Dynamo and the Energizer Bunny) We [...]

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