Happy 3rd Birthday to the History Check Concept!

A toddler on steroids is a good description of the History Check mobile app.  Wow!  It seems like yesterday that the meeting where the idea and concept took place.

That group included Athabasca Archives , Athabasca Heritage Society, Edmonton & District Historical Society, Smith Community Development Council , Athabasca County & Tourism , as well as representatives from Peace River and Barrhead and Sheila Willis who was to spearhead the project.

Born to be a a collaborative movement, in the last 3 years we have made leaps and bounds.  The society was formed, support gained from around the region, and through the meeting of the minds of Sheila Willis, Scott Astle, and Linda Collier and the work (and patience) of Bacancy Technology we officially launched this heritage and tourism app in less than 1000 days on October 4th 2017.

As the sites on History Check grow you will be able to take a road trip to the north like never before! We have 1500 sites published or in the works.  It will be fun to see if we make it to 10,000 over the next year – thats the goal.

When you see a Gold Star on an community or regional icon, know that through the financial contributions of those municipalities, towns or villages, or in the case of Edmonton, through the Edmonton & District Historical Society, History Check was made possible.

It is through their belief in this project, and the help of countless people and groups that we are here to say – Happy 3rd Birthday to Us!



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